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Company Background

Tatanka Historical Associates, Inc. (Tatanka) was established in 1992 as a full-service historic preservation consulting firm. The company's clients have included numerous government agencies (local, state and national), non-profit organizations, developers, corporate resource owners, telecommunications companies, architectural and engineering firms, landscape architects and urban planners, archaeological consultants, school districts, airports, energy and other utility companies, and many other public and private entities. Recognizing the need for timely, cost-effective historic preservation services, Tatanka’s consulting work is driven by the goal of providing clients with professional, exhaustive, reliable documentation and analysis presented in any format, at any location, and on any topic required.

With strong academic qualifications and broad field experience, combined with years conducting inquiries in archives throughout the country, Tatanka provides its clients with expertise in the fields of Western American history, historic property documentation, preservation planning and consulting, grant writing, and cultural resource project management. Over three decades, the firm has successfully undertaken the management of numerous complex documentation, interpretation and assessment projects. On a regular basis, Tatanka also assembles teams of experts in historic preservation, including architecture, archaeology, landscape architecture, engineering, wood, metal and stonework analysis, and other technical areas of assessment and restoration. A complete list of past and current projects undertaken by the firm is provided below.

Historic Preservation Services

  • Intensive and reconnaissance-level surveys and site/district analysis
  • Landmark nominations for local designation, and to the State and National Registers of Historic Places
  • Determinations of landmark eligibility
  • Historic contexts and preservation planning studies
  • National Historic Preservation Act, Section 106 documentation and analysis
  • Strategic project consulting
  • Grant writing - Colorado State Historical Fund and CLG
  • Preparation of walking tour brochures and interpretive signage
  • Assistance with Historic Structure Assessments and Tax Credit Applications
  • Liaison work between development teams and regulatory agencies
  • Lectures, writing and tours on historic themes, architecture, and preservation issues
  • Research and on-camera work for video documentaries on historic sites and topics